Why Choose Us

About Us

Lamex Petroleum Limited is among the leading players in the Oil and Gas Industry. It has positioned itself to take full advantage of the large range of business opportunity


To be a Global World-Class Petroleum Organization in the World’s Oil and Gas industry, through the Provision of World Class Professional Services to our Clients and Environs.


To be Africa’s leading Oil and Gas Company, with unparalleled commitment to partnership and reputation for quality products and services.

We are registered

Lamex Petroleum is registered in Nigeria in the year 2004 as a Limited Liability Company to pursue positive business opportunities in the Oil and gas Industry.


What We Offer


For the efficient and accurate delivery of products to our network of stations and customers across the country, we own and operate with several automated trucks. These trucks are frequently renewed through deliberate Truck Acquisition Services.


The Retail business has grown from a single station to a Network of Retail Outlets across the whole Federation.


We purchase products from pipelines and petroleum marketing company. We also import from reputable offshore suppliers under the Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency.